Cave of Secrets

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Cave of Secrets

“I have counted the days until you would return to my waiting arms, my insistent kisses.

But now I know you never will…”

On a rainy hike by Loch Lomond, Eve Waldman stumbles upon a perfectly preserved journal in a hidden cave. The time-worn lettering details the illicit affair of two Jewish lovers that sent a shiver of shame through a Scottish family — and echoes down the bloodlines.

Born of Highland aristocracy, Mac Monteith prefers to spend his days behind the bar of the family pub, rather than live the life his parents desired for him. Then Eve walks through the door, stirring more than Mac’s long-dormant heart.

When Eve traces the cave documents to the Monteith line, scandals and secrets spill out from all sides. Eve remains committed to the truth, but when being truthful means hurting the man she loves, she is forced to make a bigger choice: righting the wrongs of the past, or building the future she’s yearned for.

A contemporary romance with hints of magical realism, Cave of Secrets is about family heritage, intergenerational trauma, and finding the courage to be honest with ourselves — and those who love us.

Launching August 27, 2024
ISBN (paperback) 979-8-9876501-4-1
ISBN (e-pub) 979-8-9876501-3-4
Library of Congress Control Number: 2024905858
Cover Design by Patrick McEntaggart and Susan Jones
Interior by Scotia Road Books


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What Readers Say...

“A masterful blend of suspense, romance, and self-discovery.” ~ Lisa Williamson Rosenberg, author of Embers on the Wind

What Readers Say...

“A layered story full of heart, wisdom and hard truths…” ~ Annie Cathryn, multi-award winning author of The Friendship Breakup

What Readers Say...

Cave of Secrets transports readers on a timeless journey to Scotland, sprinkled with secrets and a touch of magical realism. This novel is a must-read.” ~ Merle R. Saferstein, author of Living and Leaving My Legacy, Vols. l and ll

What Readers Say...

Cave of Secrets not only addresses forbidden love of the past but also brings to light the struggles of love and relationships today.” ~ Michelle Glogovac, award-winning author of How To Get On Podcasts